Year 11 & 12 BYOD

If your existing device that you have used during middle school years meets your subject requirements you can continue using that device. Otherwise if you choose to bring your own device, below are the following requirements: 

Operating system


OSX (Mac)

Chrome OS


Windows 10




Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome


Windows Defender or equivalent

Sophos or equivalent


  • To get a device connect the student must come to the ICT office and a ICT member will assist a student to connect to the WiFi.
  • It is the the device owners responsibility to ensure the device is in working order and free of viruses.
  • We offer a PaperCut Web print portal which allows students to submit files to be printed. Click here to access the print portal.
What this means; 
  • The ICT team will not remove\clean viruses or malware from personal devices.
  • The ICT team will not repair any damage to personal devices.
  • The ICT team will not be offering anything more than advice on personal devices.