Year 9-12 BYOD

There are three options for families to source a device:

1. Current device owned by the family.

Some families may already own a laptop suitable for their child. A student would need to be able to bring the device to school each day, and use it outside of school hours to complete homework. The minimum requirements for such a device are outlined in the table below.

Concepts students can continue using their tablet from Year 7 and 8. We encourage families to purchase a portable keyboard for use with the tablet. 

2. Purchase of new device from a retailer

Families may choose to purchase a device from a retailer. There are many suitable laptops available, and you may be able to negotiate a competitive price. If you choose this option, ensure the device is rugged enough for use at school (frequent open/closing of the laptop, carrying on public transport, etc). 

3. Purchase of new device through the Learning With Technologies (LWT) portal.

The laptop purchase portal is available for families to purchase a device. The laptop for sale is recommended to last a student through Years 9-12 and is of a rugged construction, more suitable for the school environment than other laptops that are designed for professional use or home offices. 

Repairs for devices under warranty purchased through the portal can be arranged through the school's ICT Team. 

Minimum requirements for BYOD devices:


Operating system


Hard Drive

Screen size


OSX (Mac)


Windows 10


4GB or more

128 GB or more

12.5” or larger


Google Chrome

Google Chrome


Windows Defender or equivalent

Sophos or equivalent

  • To get a device connect the student must come to the ICT office and a ICT member will assist a student to connect to the WiFi.
  • It is the the device owners responsibility to ensure the device is in working order and free of viruses.
  • We offer a PaperCut Web print portal which allows students to submit files to be printed. Click here to access the print portal.