Laptop purchase portal

Learning with Technologies recommended device for Year 9 to Year 12


  • Purchasing of the laptops is all handled by Learning With Technologies, the school receives no financial gain from your purchase with our product specialists at Learning with Technologies.
  • Click on the link below to go to the online store.
                 Order Portal

When going over the purchasing options you will notice there are a few extra's that you can choose from.
  • Accidental Damage Cover: If your child damages their laptop (e.g. spills a drink on it or breaks the screen) the accidental damage cover will cover the cost of repairing the damage once the excess charge of $100 is paid.
  • Accidental Damage and Theft Cover: This cover is the same as the accidental damage cover although it also covers theft of the device.
  • Laptop Bags: Learning with technologies offer different laptop bags that you can choose from but it is not mandatory to get one through them. If you are purchasing laptop bags from other shops like OfficeWorks just make sure it will fit the device you purchase.

Laptop Damage and Support
  • Depending on whether you have purchased the accidental damage cover or not with your laptop there are different procedures for getting your laptops damage repaired.
  • You do not need to take your child's laptop to an external repairer as Learning With Technologies offers a support bundle repair as part of the purchase. Our ICT team at Thornbury High School will assist in diagnosing the issues and we can log a ticket to the vendor directly.
  • If you have purchased a device from another retailer, then you will have to return this device to that retailer for support and warranty claims. Thornbury High School is unfortunately unable to assist you with this process.


Can I purchase a laptop from anywhere else but Learning With Technologies (LWT)?
Yes, you can purchase a device from another supplier. We consider that purchasing a device through Learning With Technologies as this provides competitive pricing, advantages with additional options such as accidental damage coverage, extended warranty and theft protection. 
We can also help streamline the warranty and repair process through our integrated portal with the supplier.

What software is included on each of the selected devices?
All devices purchased from LWT will be pre-installed with Windows 10 and the student will need to download Google Chrome to access the G-Suite Education product line. Windows 10 also comes with Anti Virus software called Microsoft Defender.

Will the device be used when my child moves up to year 10 and 11?
The device recommended has been carefully consider to support the student to meet the requirements for Year 9 to Year 12.

What happens if there is a warranty issue?
See the 'Laptop Damage and Support' section above. 

Why are the warranty options?
The standard statutory warranty requires you to return the device to the supplier and comes with no additional cost. The three year warranty option provides a convenient option should any hardware component fail.
If there is an issue with the device your child brings the device to the IT office and the IT Team will log a warranty issue with the supplier. This means that the device will be available for the supplier's technician to have access to the device to repair it. When an item is left at the IT office for a warranty issue a daily loan device will be given to your child so that they can continue to work in class while at school. Daily loan device must be returned at the end of school hours. 

Should I purchase insurance and if so what type?
There are a number of insurance options listed on the portal. The school council considers that the parent should decide how much risk they wish to take. Having no insurance is an option if you wish to purchase a new device if the current one is damaged and not repairable under the warranty terms. There would be a delay in purchasing a new device so this option is not recommended.  The level of excess that you are willing to incur is a decision for you to make.

Do I need a bag for the device?
This is one of the best investments for your device. A quality bag will help protect the device while at school and while travelling from and to home. You can purchase a bag through the purchasing portal or a retailer of your choice.

What if I have internet at home but not wireless?
This not a problem all you need to do is purchase a USB to Ethernet adaptor. Please Click here.