Year 9 & 10 Laptop Program

Thornbury High School has partnered with Learning with Technologies to offer our students an Acer Travelmate B118 or Acer Travelmate B118 Touch & Stylus or HP Probook with Windows 10

(Pictured Below)


  • Purchasing of the laptops is all handled by Learning With Technologies, the school receives no financial gain from your purchase with our product specialists at Learning with Technologies.
  • Click on the link below to go to the online store.

When going over the purchasing options you will notice there are a few extra's that you can choose from.
  • Accidental Damage Cover:
    If your child damages their laptop (e.g. spills a drink on it or breaks the screen) the accidental damage cover will cover the cost of repairing the damage once the excess charge of $100 is paid.
  • Accidental Damage and Theft Cover:
    This cover is the same as the accidental damage cover although it also covers theft of the device.
  • Laptop Bags:
            Learning with technologies offer different laptop bags that you can choose from but it is not mandatory to get one through them. If you are purchasing             laptop bags from other shops like Officeworks just make sure it will fit the model you purchase.
  • Delivery:
    When you are going through the order process it is often easier to have the unit delivered to Thornbury High School for convenience, security and ease of provisioning.

What are the benefits of the laptop program?

  • After three years of the existing laptop program we surveyed both teachers and parents on what they thought of the laptop program as a whole which came out overwhelmingly in favour.

Laptop Damage and Support

  • Depending on whether you have purchased the accidental damage cover or not with your laptop there are different procedures for getting your laptops damage repaired
  • Please don't take your students laptop to an outside repairer if you have purchased the device through Learning With Technologies, as our IT Team at the school can accurately help diagnose and assist with warranty issues as they arise.
  • If you have purchased the device from another retailer, then you will need to return to that retailer for support and warranty claims. Thornbury High School is unable to assist you with this process.